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KMZ File Creation

In order to acquire aerial data to generate any of the various mapping outputs, we first need to define an acquisition boundary. The best way to do this is to generate a KMZ file, which can easily be done using the Google MyMaps website and following the instructions provided below.

1.   Visit the Google MyMaps Website

2.   Click on the big red “Create a New Map” button in the upper left corner

3.   Select the “Add line or shape” tool from the “Draw a Line” menu. Using this tool, click on the map to create multiple points to define the acquisition boundary. Your final click should be on the first point that you placed, in order to create a closed boundary.

4.   Once the boundary has been closed, the save boundary window will pop up. The default boundary name is sufficient, but you may give it a proper name and description if you wish. You can create as many boundaries as you like.

5.   Once all acquisition boundaries have been defined, click the map menu to the right of the map title, then select the “Export to KML/KMZ” option

6.   When the export dialog window appears, it will default to download the entire map, including all defined layers. If you’ve created multiple layers, you may also choose to export them individually. Either method is acceptable. Once you click the blue Download button, the KMZ file will download to your system.

7.   Send the KMZ file that you just downloaded to info@belltography.com